Resources Division

Our Resources Division is responsible for forming and maintaining the repository of math resources for all our members to freely access!

Visit our resources center

How does that work?

Each of our affiliate clubs will be sharing the resources they already have, and the ones they are regularly adding for their own clubs. ICMCB will then compile all these resources and share it back to all our clubs for the benefit of everyone and encourage collaboration between local maths clubs of Bangladesh.

Do i have to use these resources to participate?

Nope! It is not necessary to use the resources we provide for all our clubs.

We'd recommend checking out our repository as well, but clubs/participants are free to use whatever they like!

what sort of resources will be available?

Our repository will contain Mathematics related questions from various topics and difficulty levels. These questions will be primarily olympiad style questions closely resembling and even including BdMO, and IMO style questions along with questions prepared by our very own Academic Team.

Furthermore, clubs will also have access to various academic material related to Mathematics such as solutions to common problems, materials related to complex maths problems and even eBooks!

Who can access these resources?

Anyone can access the resources!! You don't have to be a participant, or a student from our affiliate clubs either. Simply visit our resources site, and help yourself with all kinds of mathematical goodness!

Link to the Resources Centre can be found above on this page.