Privacy Policy

Interschool Community of Mathematics Clubs Bangladesh (or 'ICMCB') may collect information from you to conduct our contests. We will disclose which information we collect, and how we may use it in this page.

In this document,"we" or "us" refers to ICMCB, and "you" refers to visitors of our website and participants.

Cookie Policy

How do we use cookies and tracking?

Our website(s) use cookies to analyse the traffic we receive. When you visit our website(s), the web server places a small packet of data known as a cookie in your browser. This cookie helps us track your interaction and behaviour while browsing our website(s). We rely on Google Analytics 4 for monitoring this data. Please note that this data is completely anonymous, and we are not able to identify you specifically. We will only use this data to improve our website and monitor the visitor metrics. We may retain this data for up to 14 months from the day of your visit.
The data we collect may include: your device type, your approximate geographical location, which pages you visit, how you visited our website(s) and how long you stay in our site. For more information please visit this link.
By visiting our website, you agree to the use of cookies. We are unfortunately unable to offer any option to opt-out of tracking at the moment.

Further Privacy Policies

What data do you explicitly provide us?

As part of the registration process for our contests, we require collecting some personal information from you. By registering, you agree to permit us to collect this data. Information we collect in this process include :
  • Your name,
  • email address,
  • mobile number,
  • name of your educational institution where you are enrolled AND/OR name of affiliated math club,
  • your class/grade at the time of registration,
  • submission timestamp

Furthermore, we may keep records of your unique (for each Phase) 'MathleteID'' which we provide you with, along with your scores and answers in the contest itself. We may request photos for our social media outlets to celebrate your achievements in our contests/community, we will take consent prior to publication.
We collect information from you primarily via Google Forms, moreover this website is also hosted by Google. This means you as a registrant and/or visitor may be subject to Google's Privacy Policy as well. ICMCB is (obviously) not affiliated with Google LLC.

How do we use this data?

Your information is primarily used for communicating with you regarding our contests, and operations. Your registration information is collected to identify you, and provide you with access to our contests. We use your email address as the primary channel of communication between you and us. In certain cases, you phone number may be used. You are required to register for every contest Phase (3 months) separately
Your registration information is also used to record your answers and scores, and report it back to you. Your email address, AND your MatheleteID is primarily used as unique identifiers, but we require your name to match your registration data as well. We may publish your scores and name in our monthly and Phase leaderboards, and may also publish on our social media outlets. Your information will also appear on certificates of achievements issued by us, and any other awards. We may invite you to ICMCB related ceremonies or events as well.
As part of the registration process, you also agree to receive updates and newsletter emails from ICMCB. This is facilitated by MailChimp (Rocket Science Group LLC) , and you will have the option to opt-out any time. This is to inform you about any upcoming contests, new initiatives, or math related posts.
Furthermore, we may use this data to communicate with and/or inform you about new initiatives by our member clubs or executive members which may or may not be related to ICMCB.

Who has access to this data? (Information sharing)

Your data is accessible to executive, and technical members of our team. We may view this data, and use it in ways mentioned in the section above. The information we share publicly is also stated above (which includes publishing your name, school, class and scores). We will not publish this data to any entirely third-party entity, but only use it for initiatives linked to ICMCB or our leadership board. Other participants or non-executive/non-technical/non-MLB individuals will never be provided with your communication information. You can also have access to a copy of the data you submit to us. For registration information, a response receipt is emailed immediately. For contest responses, you may contact us and we can process your request.

What about retaining this data?

We may retain the data from each collection up to an indefinite amount of time, or lesser. However, your data will be protected for that time as mentioned above. Do note that we will require you to register for our contests separately for each contest Phase, and the policy applies every time separately. But the data we retain each time is indefinitely protected under this policy. You may request us to manually remove your data from our records, please contact us via email for such reasons.

Why are we telling you all this?

Information privacy is a very important issue in our modern data-driven world, and we want to be transparent with you regarding our usage. We expect transparency and fairness from our participants in each contest, and communicating our policies is one of our ways to reciprocate. ICMCB was founded in Bangladesh, by Bangladeshi individuals. We adhere to the laws of Bangladesh regarding collection and usage of personal data from others (as described in Section 26 of Digital Security Act 2018), hence we declare our policy to request consent from you everytime we collect and/or use your information.
By providing us with any information (labelled as, or described as the data points we collect mentioned above) you also provide us with the permission to handle your data as described in this policy.

Information for residents of the European Union/EEA or the State of California, USA.

ICMCB does not comply with General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the EU nor the California Consumer Privacy Act. Therefore, this website is not intended nor directed towards people currently in the European Union or European Economic Area or California.
  • We collect information from you primarily via Google Forms, moreover this website is also hosted by Google. This means you as a registrant and/or visitor may be subject to Google's Privacy Policy as well. ICMCB is (obviously) not affiliated with Google LLC.
  • We collect visitor metrics via the use of Cookies. This is also done through Google Analytics. ICMCB is (obviously) not affiliated with Google LLC.

Please contact for any privacy related concern, complaint or query.

Updated as of 21st November, 2020.