Frequently Asked Questions regarding ICMCB and our Contests.

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Q. Are there any fees for participation ?

Nope! All of our contests are absolutely free.

Q. Are there any awards?

All our participants will receive an eCertificate of Acknowledgement via email shortly after each contest.

Winning teams of our 'Club Vs Club' contest will receive a trophy at an our award ceremony* hosted by one of our affiliate schools!

*Due to the nationwide school closure, we are currently not issuing any physical awards (such as the trophy) unfortunately. Winning participants will be given a special eCertificate to acknowledge their achievement.

Q. Are there any technical requirements?

All our contests are web based and uses very simple online services. You will be able to participate using any popular web browser on a device connected to the internet. You must have a stable internet connection during the contest.

Q. Which languages will the contest be available in?

All our contests are primarily available in English at the moment. We may include Bangla translations for the questions, but we do not guarantee the availability or accuracy for this at the moment.

Q. How does the Club Vs Club Tournament work?

Club Vs Club is a team based contest with each school being represented by their own team selected from the Mathletics toppers. Please visit our dedicated page to know more about the contest rules.

Q. How does the Resource Division work and how can I use it?

Q. I am not from one of the member schools. Can I still participate?

No, unfortunately our contests and resources are exclusive to our affiliate schools. But you may ask your school's math club to join the community by contacting us :)

Q. I have a different question. Is there someone I can speak to?

Absolutely. Please contact us for any query via email.