Club VS Club

Instructions and Rules

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Contest Details

  • The contest will be held at

  • Every club may have only one team for each contest Level (Junior, Secondary & Senior).

  • Each team must consist of four members.

  • Each team will nominate a single member to answer one of the four categories of questions.

      1. Algebra

      2. Combinatorics

      3. Number Theory

      4. Geometry

  • Each member will answer 5-8 questions from their selected category.

  • Participants can answer a question ONLY ONCE. Once they have selected an answer, or the time has passed they can no longer return to the question.

  • Every question will have a predetermined amount of time to answer. Once the question is available on screen, the timer will start counting down. Participants must wait for the next question after answering.

  • Correct answers will be awarded full points. Incorrect or missing answers score zero points.

  • Teams will be ranked based on the cumulative points across all four categories. Quicker answers will be awarded with more points!

Contest Instructions

  • Registration and category selection

  1. Qualifying members from the Monthly Mathletics contest will be sent invites to join the contest after the end of each contest Phase.

  2. Other club nominated members will receive the same from the MLBs.

  3. Finalised teams will be asked to nominate each member for one of the four categories. Each member will ONLY be allowed to compete for their chosen category.

  • Accessing the contest

  1. Every team member will receive a unique code to join the contest. This code will be sent via email before the contest.

  2. Visit and enter the contest code. Do NOT log in with any pre-existing account.

  3. You are recommended to use an Incognito/Private browser window to join (alternatively, you can clear cache & cookies from your browser).

  4. When asked for a nickname, you MUST enter the name provided to you in the email from ICMCB. This will look like "{your_name} ({your school code})". For example, "Shouvik Sameer (SRM)".

  5. Participants are expected to join the contest link at least 5 minutes prior to the start time.

  6. The contest will begin automatically at the exact start time. Start answering write away!

  • Competing

  1. After seeing the question, start attempting to solve it. You can use pen and papers if required.


  3. Once you have calculated your answer, select one of the given options. If your answer does not match one of them, try again.

  4. Once you have selected an answer, you must wait for the next question. You will not be allowed to change your answer, nor advance to the next problem.

  5. Participants must answer their own questions only. If we receive any reports of malpractice, ICMCB will take action against the affiliate club.

  • After the contest

  1. The contest will automatically end when all the questions have been displayed.

  2. You will be able to see your total points, and that of your competitors. You can also see your personal rank in that category.

  3. Please wait until ICMCB announces the winners.

  4. Celebrate being the best math club team of Bangladesh! Make sure to collect your certificates too.

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